Saturday, 7 March 2015

Book Review - Shed Decor

The humble shed for many years a welcome retreat for a hen pecked husband to disappear too to get away from the wife. But like everything else in life the shed which was once the sole retreat for a man to turn to is now becoming beautified by the lady of the house.
A shed is now not just a place to store tools it has become an extension of the house and is almost being used as an extra room. This change in use is being encouraged in Sally Coulthard's new book Shed Decor published by Jacqui Small in her new book she covers. Shed styles everything from hand made sheds from recycled materials right through to sleek ultra modern sheds. The second half of the book covers the interior of the shed furniture, painting as well as heating and electric basically everything you need to know to get your shed looking great. This book will make a great reference book for any one wanting to spruce up there shed into a garden room.

Available from all good shops RRP £25.99

ISBN 9781909342804

Friday, 6 March 2015

My first gardening book

It was World Book Day yesterday so it got me thinking about all the gardening books I have read over the years.
I have many books shelves full of them I would love too turn a room into a mini library but the wife is not so keen on the idea. One book I treasure is the first gardening book I ever got my dad bought it for me from a library sale when I was little it was Activities for young gardeners by V E Graham.
I used to love this book and would look through it regularly and my girls often look through it as well. It is like a proper gardening book but aimed at children it covers propagation, veg growing even how to build and light a bonfire which you would defiantly not get in a children's book theses days. So this is the book that got me into my obsession with books that I still have today I love rows and rows of books. I don't want one of those modern book readers it just is not the same you need to be able to feel the paper between your fingers so give me a proper book any day.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Wet day

Well its been a bit damp outside today but although any activity out side was off the cards. But there is always plenty to do indoors I started the day buy getting the seed box out and having a sort through picking out what I need to sow this month and what seeds I haven't got and need to get from the garden centre.
Sprouts is what I need so I will pop out in the morning to get a packet and will probably come back with several other packets. I think a may be a Seedaholic no matter how many seeds I have I just can not resist another shiny seed packet to put in the box. I shall set about sowing a few bits in the greenhouse tomorrow Tomatoes, Brassicas etc. the greenhouse is unheated so I will bring the Tomatoes indoors and place them on the window still so they get a bit of heat. But the main job of the day was tidying up the garage it's a job that I have been putting off for the last two years. But when you can no longer get in the garage you realise it's time for a sort out. I did not quite get it all sorted today as I did make a trip to the tip with a car full of broken bits and bobs. So it turn out to be quite a productive day even if I did not do what I had originally planed.