Sunday, 6 April 2014

Let there be Spuds

This Sunday is being dedicated to the spuds I'm growing about 15 variety's this year I still have some of last years crop in the garage. In sacks i may still get a couple of meals out of them before they are no good but its the longest i have managed to keep a crop for. They have normally gone past there best or been eaten by mice by mid January so I'm very pleased this year to have kept them for so long.
I haven't had a chance to chit them properly in trays this year as not had the space they have all been sat in 3lt pots but they are still producing good sprouts. I'm sure we will have just as good a crop they have been sprayed every week with Maxi Crop this is a sea weed extract. The reason i spray with Maxi crop is it gets them off to a good start keeps the tubers nice and plump and strengthens the sprouts but its like any plant if it is malnourished before you plant it out it will never perform as well as a healthy well feed plant. You are getting your spuds off to the best start possible by doing this it's worth the effort.
I just tend to get all the 2nd early and main crop in at the same time there is never any difference just when they are ready to harvest. I plant straight into trenches on land that has been previously manured in the winter i just put a sprinkling of Blood, Fish and Bone in the bottom of the trench. Place out 18" apart and cover back up mark out your rows with a cane and Label. I fill the bed in the order of cropping 1st Early's first and main crop last this way as you take out one crop it leaves a usable space for replanting something else.
I will let you know through the year how they are performing and more importantly how good they taste.