Monday, 9 December 2013

The Great British Revival

The Great British Revival started tonight which is a new gardening series, We have 10 episodes to look forward too between now and the 10th Jan 2014. This is a new style gardening program aiming to encourage us all back out into the garden They have brought together 14 TV gardeners to start the gardening revival. Episode one see Monty Don banging on about Wild flowers trying to encourage us all to add a few to our own gardens. I even discovered that there is a British Scything Association which is a new association too me. In the second half of the program see's Joe Swift pushing for the greening of our front gardens with more and more front gardens being concreted over. Which has increased localized flooding so he hopes to encourage more of us to get digging up the concrete and planting up the space to increase drainage and reduce pollution.
 I felt that it was a great new program of which we need more lets hope it is not just a garden revival  but a gardening TV revival as well.

Next episodes are available on BBC 2 at 7pm

10th Dec Topiary and Roof gardens
11th Dec Cottage gardens and House plants  
12th Dec Ornamental bedding and Fruit trees
13th Dec Herbaceous plants and Kitchen garden
6th Jan Cut flowers and Trees
7th Jan Rock gardens and Herbs 
8th Jan Lawns and Tropical gardens 
9th Jan Ponds and Stumperies 
10th Jan Glasshouses and Shrubs 


Sunday, 1 December 2013

BOOK REVIEW - Outdoor Survival

 Ever wanted to walk off into the woods with only the clothes on your back and at the end of the day have a three coarse dinner and shelter to spend the night in. You can do now if you take the new Haynes Outdoor Survival manual with you it will give you all the knowledge that you will need to survive. 

Written by Dave Pearce who is an expert in all things survival being a former Royal Marine Commando. Is an adviser to the TV and Film industry working with such names as Bruce Parry and Bear Grylls. In May 2003 Dave reached the summit of Mount Everest via the more challenging North face.
The book is split up into sections essential equipment, finding food etc. with each section being split up again giving lots of detail and step-by-step instructions.

But this book is far more useful than just as a survival manual there are lots of useful techniques and skills. That can be used in everyday life map reading, knots and first aid are all covered in this book. Have a problem with rabbits in your garden and have been struggling to get rid of them Dave covers simple traps you can use, Right through to preparing the rabbit for the pot.

This is a great book not just for the budding adventurer but any one who like's the great outdoors. You never know when some of these skills covered in the book will come in handy. It will make a great Christmas present for any man or teenage boy / girl.

Available from Haynes books or any good book shop RRP £12.99.

Outdoor Survival by Dave Pearce

ISBN 978 0 85733 487 9