Thursday, 30 January 2014

Two Ways To Get Warm.

The rain has not stopped coming down the borders are water logged and the lawns are under water. So there is not a lot to get on with in the garden but one job that we can get on with is the winter pruning. we have been pruning back some low branches on some trees to make it easier to get the mower under for easiness and speed we used a Stihl long handled chainsaw.
These are available to hire if you have not got one from most hire shops but of coarse if you prefer there is always a sharp pruning saw. But which ever method you choose always make sure it is Sharpe as the sharper your saw is the better the cut you will get this also helps the tree heal quicker than if you had jagged edges. Even if you use a Long handled chainsaw it is still hard work you will soon get warn and get a sweat on but you will also get warn twice doing this job. As any branch thicker than 6cm (2") can be used as fire wood cut them all into 30cm (12") lengths the other bonus is there is no need to split them at this size. 
 The Stihl saw made light work of the cutting although you do have to be careful not to cut any branches above your head as you can end up with a bit of a head ache. All the side shoots that where too small for fire wood all went through a chipper to make some good mulch for the garden.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014