Friday, 26 September 2014

New seed on the block

Last week while visiting GLEE which is the country s main Garden and Leisure trade show i came across i seed company i have not come across before. Bavicchi seeds they are an Italian seed company but they are by know means a new company. Bavicchi have been producing seed since 1896 in Italy there English distributor is G Plants from Preston.

They have a great range of vegetable seeds on offer 117 variety's of vegetables and 9 variety's of peas and beans. All packet are in lovely full colour packets with a nice glossy photo of the variety on the front with full growing instructions on the back. Now the Italians know how to produce good quality seed so you know you will be off to a good start. So look out for Bavicchi seeds in a shop near you and give them a try this year.

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