Sunday, 21 September 2014

Mr Fothergill's New Catalogue

The clatter of the letter box and the post comes tumbling through on to the mat. The girls rush to pick it up it's full of the normal rubbish Electric bills etc but at the bottom of the pile was the new Mr Fothergills catalogue.
It is packed full of all the Mr Fothergills favorites that you would always expect. But new in the catalogue this year starting with the Veg is the new Runner bean 'Firestorm' which is the first self fertile scarlet flowered runner bean. Beans will set in poor weather or in high temps is a good cropper and stringless.In the brassica department is Cauliflower 'Amsterdam F1' is a big mid to late season variety with pure white curds. Pepper 'King of the North' this is a great variety for northern growers or outdoors in the south as it is one of the best cool tolerant peppers well worth growing. Another new introduction in the pepper section is 'Sweet Sunshine F1' which is a unique trailing variety ideal for hanging baskets or your window box it is a sweet pepper but with the look of a chilly pepper ripens an orange/yellow colour.
There are some great new flowers on offer as well Aster 'Valkyrie mixed' with its quilled slender petals in a mix of pastel colours growing to 75cm (30") tall. Coreopsis grandiflora 'sundrops' is a new perennial that flowers in it's first year from sowing with it's lovely weather resistant bright yellow flowers defiantly worth growing in 2015. As it is the year of he Sunflower Mr Fothergills have many new variety's on offer as well as the old favorites. 'Infared F1' a lovely coppery bicoloured flowers growing upto 180cm (6ft) 'Buttercream F1' a multi branching variety with creamy yellow flowers ideal for cut flowers. there are so many more new variety's you need to get the catalogue to have a look they have the largest collection of sunflowers on offer out of any seed company.

To order your own copy just go to there website

Tel :- 0845 3710518

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