Saturday, 13 September 2014

Jayes Fluid Keeping Your Garden Clean

If there is one smell that reminds me of my Grandads shed then that is Jeyes Fluid. It's has got that distinctive smell that only Jeyes fluid has. It has been a long time since i have used Jeyes Fluid so it was great to be able to give it a try again.
The original Jeyes fluid has been around for years and was always the first choice for gardeners to use. Whether they where wanting to clean there greenhouse at the end of the season or for cleaning the drains when there was a bit of a smell. My Dad would always us it for cleaning out the greenhouse getting in to all the corners with a scrubbing brush to get it all clean before the new growing season. I have been using it on one of the drains by my house the one that comes out of the kitchen every so often it gives off a smell more that likely blocked food and fat. But since putting down neat original Jeyes fluid we have not had a problem with any smell and the drain seems to be flowing a lot better. I will defiantly be using Jeyes Fluid down the drain more regularly so that they always flow smoothly and not wait for the bad smell or blockage. 
Jeyes fluid also now comes in a ready to use bottle so no more measuring or mixing to be done. You can still use it the same as the original Jeyes fluid just with out the messy mixing but if you are wanting to clean drains you will still need the concentrate of the original Jeyes fluid.
Patio Power is new to the Jeyes fluid family designed to remove dirt, algae and mildew from all hard surfaces with out the need to scrub. Which is brilliant as most other patio cleaners require a degree of scrubbing it is also pressure washer compatible. It your pressure washer has a detergent bottle just fill it up with Patio Power and clean as you would do normally. Patio Power also kill's 99.9% of all germs so you could almost eat your dinner off your patio once you have cleaned it with Patio Power although i would not recommend it. Every house should have a bottle of Jeyes fluid in the cupboard ready for all your outdoor cleaning needs.

Jeyes have made lots of videos to show you how to use Jeyes fluid on their Youtube channel.

For more details on the Jeyes fluid range visit their website.

Available from all good garden centers and hard ware shops.

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