Thursday, 21 August 2014

Umbrella Fair - Northampton

Saturday saw the start of the umbrella fair which is a free weekend music festival. The umbrella fair is a community co-operative of local people promoting sustainable living and community cohesion.
The Umbrella Fair is one of the biggest free festivals in the country with over 20,000 visitor and it is all run completely by volunteers. Which is fantastic that so many people will give up there time so that other people can enjoy a free music festival. It is held on the Racecourse which is a large park in the centre of Northampton i wrote about this park earlier in the year ( I was quite critical about the park a lot of the problems still remain but the organizers of The Umbrella Fair managed to bring the park alive. But there is more to this festival than just the music there where many stalls promoting sustainable living, the environment and ethical products. I must admit i was more interested in the stalls than the music and it was the main reason i went. 
The high light for me was the series of talks given in the Green Village Hall this was organized by Shena Cooper from the Secret Seed Society. There was a range of talks from seed security by Kevin Mccully to
 Permaculture Cuppa by Mar Yo But the one my girls liked the most was cup cake decorating.
Northampton Council where also there with there recycling road show encouraging every one to recycle that bit more and also to produce less waste. They also had a display of bikes and they where all available to try out there where some weird and wonderful bikes. 
We had a great day out and the biggest expense was a bag of doughnuts will defiantly be back next year.

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