Friday, 8 August 2014

Self Sufficient - Lots of Sowing

It's been another busy week trying to get the garden ready for the self sufficient challenge there has been lots of sowing taking place. We have also put in a fourth raised bed made out of recycled materials i am hopping to have enough recycled wood left to be able to build another 3-4 raised beds. Of course it is also dependent on how much soil and compost available to fill them up with. 
Seed packets laid out
We have sowed a mixture of crops salads for late summer and autumn, Brassicas to crop from autumn to spring and over wintering onions.

Veg we have sown in raised beds

Spinach America - Franchi Seeds
Lettuce Mix - T&M seeds
Mizuna - Mr Fothergills seeds
Red Mustard - Own saved seed
Raddish French Breakfast 3 - Aldi
Rocket Cultivated - Moles seeds
Rocket Wild Fire - T&M seeds
Land Cress American - Suttons seeds
Lambs Lettuce verte de cambrai - Franchi seeds
Parsley gigante de napoli - Franchi seeds
Kale dwarf green curled - Mr Fothergills seeds
Cauliflower all year round -  Mr Fothergills seeds
Cabbage savoy January king 3 - T&M seeds
Cabbage April spring -  T&M seeds
Broccoli autumn spear - Suttons seeds
Cauliflower romanesco precoce - Franchi seeds
Chard Rhubarb -  Franchi seeds
Leek Pennine F1- T&M seeds
Leek gigante d inverno 2 - Franchi seeds
Onion Japanese senshyu -  Suttons seeds
Raddish Seedlings 5 days old 

 Thanks to the good warm weather lots of the salad seeds where poking there heads through the soil within a matter of days. So fingers crossed we will be picking some salads from the new beds soon.

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