Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Product - Review Hozelock Wonder Weeder

Individual Perennial weeds in paths and flower borders have always been a problem to try and get rid of with standard weed killer sprayers. Using a sprayer spreads weed killer further than needed killing the plants you want to keep and painting weedkiller on by hand takes so long. So i was keen to try out the New Hozelock Wonder Weeder which is a new product to spot weed your garden.
The Wonder Weeder is 1m tall so there is no need to bend town to spray the weeds it is simple to fill just unscrew the top and mix up your weed killer at the appropriate rate. The tube holds 300ml of fluid just screw the top back on and you are ready to spray. Unlock the safety catch at the base place the Wonder Weeder over the weed and just press down and a dose of weed killer will be applied to the weed. No drift so you get precise weed killing every time. 
 I tried out the new Wonder Weeder on our brick path which has always had weeds growing in the gaps but difficult to spray due to plants growing on to the path. But with the Wonder Weeder it is easy to push the foliage out of the way and spray the weeds with out getting any weed killer onto the plants you want to keep.
This is another great product from Hozelock that has made spot weeding easy and clean to do with out wasting weed killer.

Watch a short video on how the Hozelock Wonder Weeder works

If you have a weedy patio or difficut to spray area then you need a Wonder Weeder

The weed wonder is available from all good garden centers and hardware stores 

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