Thursday, 23 April 2015

The only orchid i have never killed

Me and house plant don't go well together they generally end up dead within a short space of time. The best successes with house plants to date is the Money tree we have it has even survived several house moves. Although it is a cactus and will happily go weeks with out a water which is probably more the reason it has lived than my horticultural skills. I'm great in the garden but give me a house plant and it is doomed so when we where given a Orchid at the end of last year it was a great plant but I new it would not survive long in my hands.
Orchid came into flower after feeding with Seramis Orchid Plant Food
After we had it a week the first of the flowers started to wilt and it was not long before the flowers had all gone. Soon just the plant was left now this is the point that I have got too with every orchard I have ever grown. I have never managed to get one to flower again until now Westland kindly send me some samples of there new Seramis Orchid fertilizer range. So I gave my poor little Orchid a feed with Seramis Orchid Plant Food and also a spray with Seramis leaf spray after a couple of weeks the plant certainly did look healthier. Then out of no where I noticed a flower shoot coming out of the side of the plant fantastic I thought not only have I not killed the thing but I have managed to bring it back into flower. I am now even tempted to buy a couple more orchids for the house now I know that I can not kill them and also with the help of Seramis even get them to flower again.


  1. Congratulations! Mine just sit there being green - no flowers even when I've fed them!!

    1. That's what mine used to do or die so I'm really surprised with my success this time hopefully you will get a flower soon.