Thursday, 30 April 2015

Days out - Bridgemere garden centre

I have not been to Bridgemere garden centre for many years Europe's largest garden centre so when on my way home from my parents. I saw a sign for Bridgemere so I decided to take a detour luckily the girls had not noticed that I had gone on a detour otherwise there would have been a few moans about gong to another garden centre.

Now it is pretty much a normal garden centre cafĂ©, books, plants etc. but what makes Bridgemere different apart from the sheer size of the place is there show garden. The garden covers six acres and you could easily spend several hours just wandering around the show garden. The garden was originally built for the Gardening program Gardeners Diary which I believe was aired in the 1980's. I even found an old episode on You Tube proper old school gardening program teaching how to grow plants.
 If I remember rightly there used to be a booth at the entrance to the show gardens when you had to pay a small fee to get into the garden. Now it is free to get in there is not all the fruit and veg that there was during the TV years but there is defiantly lots to see.
 Although the fruit and veg are no longer there which is a shame the garden was full of glorious spring colour. A couple of the beds where empty waiting to be planted up with this coming summer bedding.
 The garden is also full of lovely clipped box and yew hedging which added lots of colour and shape to the borders.
 One great part of the garden is the fake ruined castle tower which if it was not for being able to see the brick work inside you think it was a real ruin.
 The tower sits well with in the garden especially down below where you get to gaze across all the summer flowers up to the tower.
 The garden is well maintained in fact there was hardly a weed to be seen it will defiantly be worth another trip back in the summer to see how it develops through the season.
Full details can be found on Wyevale's website
Open 9am - 6pm seven days a week

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