Sunday, 1 March 2015

Wet day

Well its been a bit damp outside today but although any activity out side was off the cards. But there is always plenty to do indoors I started the day buy getting the seed box out and having a sort through picking out what I need to sow this month and what seeds I haven't got and need to get from the garden centre.
Sprouts is what I need so I will pop out in the morning to get a packet and will probably come back with several other packets. I think a may be a Seedaholic no matter how many seeds I have I just can not resist another shiny seed packet to put in the box. I shall set about sowing a few bits in the greenhouse tomorrow Tomatoes, Brassicas etc. the greenhouse is unheated so I will bring the Tomatoes indoors and place them on the window still so they get a bit of heat. But the main job of the day was tidying up the garage it's a job that I have been putting off for the last two years. But when you can no longer get in the garage you realise it's time for a sort out. I did not quite get it all sorted today as I did make a trip to the tip with a car full of broken bits and bobs. So it turn out to be quite a productive day even if I did not do what I had originally planed.

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