Friday, 6 March 2015

My first gardening book

It was World Book Day yesterday so it got me thinking about all the gardening books I have read over the years.
I have many books shelves full of them I would love too turn a room into a mini library but the wife is not so keen on the idea. One book I treasure is the first gardening book I ever got my dad bought it for me from a library sale when I was little it was Activities for young gardeners by V E Graham.
I used to love this book and would look through it regularly and my girls often look through it as well. It is like a proper gardening book but aimed at children it covers propagation, veg growing even how to build and light a bonfire which you would defiantly not get in a children's book theses days. So this is the book that got me into my obsession with books that I still have today I love rows and rows of books. I don't want one of those modern book readers it just is not the same you need to be able to feel the paper between your fingers so give me a proper book any day.

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