Sunday, 4 January 2015

Show me your garden

I watched Sky 1's first episode of Show Me Your Garden where three couples judge each others gardens in a style similar to come dine with me. Each couple can award up to 50 points and the couple who get the most points at the end of the show wins £500 and the golden trowel.
But im just not sure if I like it it's not the gardens they all look great gardens well maintained and the owners put a lot of time, passion and money into them. The couples themselves are great very lovely people and they certainty know there gardens Malkanthie sedums in pots is a great idea that I may use myself especially as they are fairly maintenance free. But it's just the way the show has been put together I just felt it didn't work as a gardening program. The format works quite well as a cookery program but dose not lend it's self to gardening as well as it dose cookery. I nearly nodded off half way through watching people walk round a garden is a bit like watching paint dry not a lot of fun. I did have high hopes for this as a program it sounded a great idea unfortunately it just did not work. I will watch the next episode just to see if it dose improve but I am not holding out much hope.
The next episode is on Friday 9th Jan if my review has not put you off watching did any one else watch it what did you think.

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  1. I thought the programme was ok although it could of included more horticultural detail about each garden, perhaps highlighted any rare or hard to grow plants that featured in each garden.