Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Busy Week

Sorry I have not written anything for a while there seems to be a million and one things that need doing at the moment. With writing, work and the wife and children like to see me occasionally as well but the good news is I have managed to get a lot done out in the garden this weekend. Although the ground was frozen it did not stop me cracking on with some more of the raised beds it's taking longer than I expected. To build them as I am using them to level out the slope on the right of the plot so there has been lots of digging to get the level right.
But hopefully this weekend I should have it all sorted weather permitting it's best to get all these big jobs out of the way now at this time of the year. Because when it all starts growing there becomes even less time to get these big jobs done and I don't have much time now. I still have some stored veg there are lots of onions still in good condition and a bucket full of spuds.
There is also some leeks, kale, cabbage and lots of different salads growing in the garden. so we will still have lots to eat out of the garden for the next month at least. By then so of our new salad seedlings should be ready to pick in the greenhouse and there is always the micro veg to keep us going in fresh crop of salad's
The Chickens have started to slow down on there laying now that the cold weather has set in but there is still more than enough for us to eat. The girls have taken to trying to train the chickens so far they have got dusk to perch on there arm like a parrot. January is normally a quiet month in gardening terms the ground is normally frozen or covered in snow but this year is extremely mild making it easy to get on with lots of jobs in the garden. This would normally not be possible in a normal year but I'm so glad that it is mild as there is so much to get on with. Although we may be paying for it latter on with plagues of pests that have not been killed off by the winter frosts.
During the evening I have been sorting through my seeds getting rid of all the old out of date seeds. Putting to one side all the seeds I am going to sow this year and everything else I will be swapping at Northampton's Seedy Saturday. This is a great new event taking place at The Looking Glass theatre right in the centre of Northampton bringing together gardeners and food lovers to swap seeds and generally get seedy. It is being run by a new group Fruitful Abundance this group has been set up to try and reduce food waste in Northampton it is also trying to get as many people growing there own and generally living a more healthier lifestyle. Would be great to see some of you there it is taking place on the 14th Feb 11am - 4pm.

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