Thursday, 20 November 2014

Woolmans new catalogue

The last of the chrysanthemums have finished in the garden which normally signals autumn is now in full swing. The leaves are falling by the wheel barrow full and some trees are even bare already so it was nice to get the new Woolmans Chrysanthemum catalogue through the door. It's always a joy to get a catalogue through the post opening the catalogue and revelling all the brightly coloured plants is like letting in a ray of sunshine to the dank, dark autumn and winter months.
 Woolmans has been around since 1881 so they know a thing or two about chrysanthemums There are some lovely chrysanths to chose from some ones that caught my eye where The Exmoor collection this is a collection of large reflex blooms. These are the types you would normally see on the show bench but this collection has been chosen to grow well outdoors and make just as good garden plants as they do exhibition blooms. The Tapestry collection is your old fashioned garden mums these produce lovely domes of colour that will keep on flowering for months from September to the first frosts. Golden Rain AGM is a lovely spider type that remind me of old Japanese prints they look so delicate there florets can reach up to 15cm long flower from November onwards.
Now Woolmans are not just about chrysanthemums they have a wide range of perennials, bulbs and dahlias that will fill your garden full of colour through out the year. 
To get your hands on your own copy of the Woolmans Catalogue just go to there website or telephone 0845 658 9141

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