Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Book review - Companion to Scented Plants

 The Royal Horticultural Society have just released a new book which is published by Frances Lincoln. If you ever wanted to know anything about scented plants then this is the book you need to have on your book case.
Written by the writer, broadcaster and designer Stephen Lacey, Steven is a prolific writer and has written many books he is also a regular contributor to the Daily Telegraph and The RHS Garden magazine. The book is also packed full of lots of lovely photographs these are all the work of Andrew Lawson who is not just a photographer but also a published author in his own right. So you know straight away that this is going to be a good book The RHS Companion to Scented Plants is a weighty book. With over 1000 scented plants included in this book but it's not just about the plants it about themselves it's also about how to use them in the garden. One of the greatest joys about stepping into the garden is the scent that is given off by the plants especially on a hot summers day Now the scent that is given off by plants is not just there for our enjoyment it's primary use is to attract pollinating insects and bees. Towards the back of the book there is a great calendar which will help you get scent in the garden all year round everyone tends to think of scent through the summer months, but there are lots of great plants that flower in the winter and early spring that give masses of scent to the garden. This is a great and inspirational book that show how to get the most scent into your garden and would make a great book to receive or give this Christmas whether for the experienced or novice gardener.

The RHS Companion to Scented Plants is available now from all good book shops RRP £25.00.

ISBN 9780711235748

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