Monday, 19 May 2014

Chelsea 2014

Its that time of year again where the great and the good meet in a London park to discus all things horticultural of course it's RHS Chelsea flower show week.
Unfortunately i can not make it this year but even though I'm not there there is plenty of news through Twitter, Facebook, the internet and of cause the BBC daily coverage to keep me and everyone up to date. It is where the worlds best growers and designers come together to show off there design and growing skills to the world with the ultimate aim of a RHS Gold medal. Although only the best are able to get one the judges have a very strict judging criteria to follow and slight imperfections can mean the difference between a medal or not getting one. One of the highlights for the plant lovers amongst us is the floral pavilion which is stuffed full of some of the best and rarest plants brought from all over the world. When you enter the pavilion you are hit with the heavy scent of perfume from all the flowers mixed up there is no other scent like it. This is also where you will find The Chelsea Plant of the year this is where the breeders and nursery men bring there best latest releases to compete against each other. This years winner is a Hydrangea macrophylla Miss Saori exhibited by Hillier Nurseries and Garden Centre's which is a lovely mop headed type white edged with pink.
 There is daily coverage of the show on BBC2 and BBC1 every day until Monday as well as all the extra short films by pressing your red button. I have already put next years Chelsea in the diary so that i don't get booked up for Chelsea week next year.

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