Sunday, 30 March 2014

Spring Flowers and Salads

The sun was shining all day today it felt that Spring was truly hear i even got to where shorts and a tee shirt today. The garden is beginning to fill with colour and the surrounding fields are slowly turning yellow with the oil seed Rape. The sent of Hyacinth's fills the garden hyacinths truly are the scent of spring i wanted to bring spring into the house. I filled a bowl with pink, blue and white Hyacinth, blue Muscari, Forget me not and Helleborus foetidus it now sits pride of place on the dinning room table. It's now filling the room with the scents of spring i also managed to get into the veg garden as well lots of digging to be caught up with that i never got done in the winter.
 So lots of digging and raking done but there was a reward at the end a lovely spring salad Rocket, Chives, Beetroot leaves, Chard, Lambs lettuce and Rocket Flowers.

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