Saturday, 22 March 2014

Loving the Curves

Our Herbaceous border is about 3 years old now and has given us lots of colour all summer long every year. But it is all a bit straight and formal the border runs down one side of the garden and follows the straight line of the privet hedge. Normally we would get the string line out in March and re edge it perfectly straight but this year it was time for a change.
 We marked out the new shape that we wanted with canes moving them about several times until we got the right shape that we wanted. As its difficult to put the lawn back once you have dug it up we started one end and cut the whole of the edge using a Half Moon. Then with the use of my very old Turf iron i lifted all the turfs these won't be wasted they will be stacked to turn into loam.
Once we had cleared all the turf's we dug over the whole border digging in horse manure as we went. We also divided some of the perennials and moved them onto new parts of the border the small Asters and Geraniums needed to be moved to the front of the border.
Put up the canes for the sweet peas and the job was done a much curvier and not so straight border.

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