Saturday, 16 May 2015

When Nature Fights Back

Every year many trees up and down the country get blown over and most quickly get cleaned up but some are just left to be reclaimed by nature. Most shrivel up and are taken over by fungus's that slowly decompose the tree back in to the surrounding soil.
But some want to fight back just because they have been blown flat on the ground it dose not mean that their time is up. I was out for a walk this morning and came across this blown over in the corner of a field. The daughter thought it was great a great big natural climbing frame that she wanted to bring home and put in our garden.
But what amazed me was the tree is full of leaf and also covered in blossom just as good as the surrounding trees. This horse chestnut is showing no signs of going to tree heaven just yet it just goes to show the power of nature it will always fight back.

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