Saturday, 13 December 2014

It's all getting Christmassy

The decorations have come out of the cupboard the tree has come in and taken up most of the living room. Another Christmas tradition is the holly wreath that hangs on the front door to welcome guests to your home. So I have been out and about getting bits and pieces to make one, it all starts with the hoop you can use many materials to make the hoop but traditally you would use Willow or hazel.
I have opted for Hazel this year just gently bend the rods over your knee to make them more flexible and then start by weaving two of them into a circle. once you have got the circle formed keep on weaving in Hazel rods until it is strong enough to hold all the holly you are going to tie to it. I always tie a bit of wire around it just to make sure it doesn't spring open. 
Once you have made your circle we now need to cover up all your hard work making it. Cut up your holly into 6-8" lengths get two - three bits of Holly depending on the size of them place them on to the Hazel and tie with wire to the circle. Keep on doing this covering up the stalks with each new bunch you add and work your way round the circle until you get to where you started.
 Add a string or ribbon to the top of the wreath so that you can tie it up to your door. You are free to add hat you want to your wreath I have gone for a more natural look this year. I have simply added some dried Hydrangea heads and some gold holly I will probably add to it as I come across things such as cones etc. but that is the joy of making it your self you can do what you want in your own time. They are always much better than anything you will buy in a shop and it only took an hour of my time to make.
 This is also a great activity to get the Kids involved in although they may complain about getting prickled by the Holly. They do love making anything related to Christmas I will certainly be making more next Christmas as part of my year of going self sufficient.

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