Thursday, 2 October 2014

Grumpy products for a grumpy gardener

Now my Wife and Girls will completely agree with the fact that i am grumpy a lot of the time. So i was very pleased to learn that there is a range of gardening product called the Grumpy Gardener ideal for me and any other Grumpy folk out there. The Grumpy Gardener Range is produced by Grean Base you may remember them from Dragons Den with there wheel barrow booster. They now have a whole range of gardening products sold under the Grumpy Gardener Name I have been trying out one of there products this week The Grow Grid.
The Grow Grid is a woven polypropylene sheet with ready cut out 75mm holes to plant through. The holes have been cut out using heat so you will not get any frayed edges. The sheet it's self is 1.5m x 2m now i have been trying out Grow Grid size D which has 77 holes in it there are another 3 sizes available with a different number of holes in each. Each pack also comes with six pegs t help secure it to the ground and stop it blowing away.
I placed the Grow Grid on one of my new raised beds unfortunately the grid was slightly wider than the bed So i had to tuck the sides into the soil it was then pegged down to the soil to stop it blowing away. Now as i was planting out spring cabbage ideally i should have used one of the other Grids but all i did to get around this was miss out a row. Now when we first laid the Grow Grid it is a bit bumpy but as soon we watered the bed it flattened out and seemed to stick to the bed. But why go to the expense of the Grow Grid instead of just planting straight in to the ground. Well no one likes weeding for starters Grow Grid smothers all weeds so saving you hours of weeding. The Grow Grid also prevents water evaporating from the soil so reducing the need for so much watering. I would defiantly recommend this product to any veg grower as it will save you loads of time that you would have normally spent weeding and watering. Giving you more time to spend doing other gardening jobs in your garden or you could just put your feet up in front of the telly.

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