Sunday, 22 June 2014

Taking on the Big Boys at Malvern.

I used to do lots of showing of vegetables and flowers many years ago i did quite well getting many red cards. But due to having all my time taken up by work or not having any where to grow i had almost given up. But now i have the space to grow again although i don't have any more time but after last year i have decided to make some. Last year was the first time for years that i had entered a show for many years it was the local show and i was asked if i could put i few entry's in which i did the best in show that i won has spurred me on to do a bit more this year.
Me at Bristol Show in 2000 with my winning collection of 5 veg
I have grown most things over the years but never had an interest in giant veg until i went to Malvern show last September. Where the National Giant Veg Championships where being held it was like walking in to the land of the giants. The shear size of some of the vegetables was very impressive so much so that i have been inspired to have a go my self and take on the big boys at Malvern this Autumn.
Pumpkin Big Max
Now i don't hold out much hope of a prize card as there will be some stiff competition from several world record holders but i am going to give it a good go. I am growing several giant veg this year the first is a Pumpkin the variety i am growing is Big Max this variety can get to a good size. A although i should have ideally planted Atlantic Giant but i could not get any seed locally when i needed to sow. They are romping away so fingers crossed i should get something descent just need to keep the water on them and feed them weekly.  
Pot Leek Sammy X
The next veg i am growing is Pot Leeks these where rooted from pips in early December and have been grown under lights all winter. They have been planted out now for about a month and are doing well so i'm hopeful of getting something decent.
Onion Peter Glazebrook strain
The last of the giant veg is my Onions the seed came from the World record holder Peter Glazebrook so i am off to good start from the start. Again they have been growing under lights in the greenhouse since December and have been planted out for about  month.

All of the Giant Veg that i am growing although they where started indoors they are all being grown outdoors with no protection over the summer. I do know that most of the big growers grow everything indoors so i have put my self at a disadvantage to the other growers but im going to give it a good go.
I will let you know how they are all growing though the season and fingers crossed i will get some veg to Malvern in September.

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