Sunday, 2 February 2014

Things are beginning to grow

Well in the greenhouse they are with the never ending rain i have been spending a lot of time in the greenhouse recently. But it's only the last week that plants have really started to get growing the Fushia's cuttings i took last autumn have rooted well and filled there cells full of root so where in need of a potting up. 
 I potted them up into 9cm (3") pots in multipurpose compost with a bit of perlite added after potting up i pinched the tops out. these where put to good use as new cuttings. They are now happily sitting in the propagator with a little bottom heat to encourage them to root.
Geraniums where next on the list these where some plants we had growing in the garden last year at the end of the season i potted them up and have kept them in a heated greenhouse all winter. These have put on lots of growth so it meant lots of cuttings to be had I managed to get about 3-4 cuttings off each of the plants. I put these into individual cells so to lessen the root disturbance when they need to be potted on. 

You know spring is not long away when you start taking cuttings and sowing seeds there is many more cuttings and seeds to be taken and sown in the months ahead. lets hope we get a bit more sunshine to encourage them along.

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