Sunday, 3 November 2013


It's autumn the hedge rows and trees that have spent the summer all green and lush are slowly turning colour. With various shade's of yellow, red, bronzes and all the colours in between slowly one by one they begin to fall carpeting the ground beneath creating a tapestry of colours not seen at any other time of the year. As nice as it looks they all need to be picked up they are suffocating what lies beneath them whether that be the lawn or your border plants. You only need to leave them a week or so on the lawn and the grass soon turns yellow the same happens to your border plants. Whether you use a rake, blower or your hand's you need to get them up but these leaves are like gold to gardeners if composted properly they make the best leaf mold. If you have the space make a leaf mold bin fill it to the top remember to keep it moist. Turn it a couple of times during the year and after 12 months you will have one of the best potting ingredients that you can not buy from any shop. If you haven't got a compost bin spare or the space for one don't worry. Put the leaves into a bin bag fill up if the leaves are dry add some water just tie the top put a couple of holes in the bag and leave in a shady corner. Make sure to turn the bags a couple of time's through the year this is the same as turning the your heap gets air into the middle. Its lots of hard work collecting all these leaves but you will certainly reap the rewards the following year with lots of lovely leaf mold.

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